Claire Buré

Claire Buré 

Partner & Co-founder

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Claire’s work explores the intersection between technology, people and development. A social scientist by training, Claire understands the implications of the effect of context and culture on technology design, development, adoption and use. Her international project and research work has focused on digital literacy, gender inclusion strategies, innovation policy in industrializing countries, mobile strategy for community development organizations, community radio, and monitoring and evaluation methodologies. She believes in the strength of networks and collaboration, and was a founding team member for, a global network that now connects thousands of community access centres in over 40 countries.

Prior to founding Commons11, Claire was a founding partner of a social enterprise in Chile that promoted effective use of communication technologies for local socio-economic development. There, she coordinated the creation and implementation of a multi-award-winning mobile platform enabling agricultural cooperatives to share critical information with their members via text messaging. Her fascination with the field was sparked when she studied how homeless people in Scotland use mobile phones and the internet, and how it changes their everyday lives. Her resulting publication was one of the first to demonstrate how people can be digitally connected without being ‘socially included’. She holds a Master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Claire loves travelling the world, climbing mountains (yes, really), biking everywhere and seeing live music. She is also fluent in Dutch and Spanish.