Redefining TO


RedefiningTO brings together changemakers who work towards social and environmental development in Toronto. Commons11 facilitated a Design Jam integrating online and offline collaboration over a two week period. The invitation-only Design Jam co-created scenarios for a technical platform showcasing the social, environmental, community, technical and artistic dimensions of what Toronto is, and can look like in the immediate and distant future.

The goals of RedefiningTO are two-prong: first, the project aims to showcase the innovative social and environmental change work in Toronto; and second, by connecting those people, projects and organizations that are committed to addressing root problems. The project aims to provide a platform for those who are redefining services and creating solutions that will benefit the long-term growth of the community.


RedefiningTO seeks to further civic participation and engagement to add increased value to activities in the city. We need to activate the ability and incentive for people to collaborate, deliberate and take action on problems or issues that they themselves believe are important, and in ways they deem appropriate.

More on the Project:

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