Melanie Gorka

Melanie Gorka 

Partner & Co-founder

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Melanie’s work focuses on designing solutions for social change using common sense and empathy. She enjoys strategizing around the big picture, but also on the details of every project, such as how to best connect grassroots activists to the global ecosystem of support networks. She combines her technical experience in front-end development, graphic design, and cross-platform knowledge with her background in international development and gender issues to take a holistic view on how to usefully engage people in making change. As a maker herself, Melanie sees valuable opportunity in endorsing and supporting the growing movement of hacker, maker and doer cultures, in Toronto and abroad. 

Prior to founding Commons11, Melanie worked as a freelance designer and developer, with an emphasis on creating enriching but simple user experiences. Melanie has been a leader in the Random Hacks of Kindness and CrisisCommons movements, where she helps to bring people together to use technical skills to solve real world problems on a global level. She is a second-time entrepreneur having created Lady Atelier in 2009, an online content platform serving as a fresh resource for women on beauty and makeup. The Lady Atelier team travelled throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and as far east as Tbilisi, Georgia; capturing the story of what real beauty means to women. The stories they captured online and in person will be turned into an art project/documentary in late 2013. When Melanie isn’t working on Commons11, you can find her cooking and baking delicious things, running, biking or speaking about the projects that she finds herself lucky enough to work on. She is also fluent in French.