We help you to assess, create and implement

the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Commons11 starts by asking the right questions about your challenge in order to reach the most effective technology or design solution for a particular human need. We work collaboratively with a range of people, both within and between sectors, enabling all participants to use creative tools to address the challenge at hand. We make sure that all solutions created are grounded in reality and fulfill the needs of your clients or community, while being economically and technologically feasible.

We offer the following three services which are available separately, or all together in one process:



Each of these services is customized to suit your timeline, needs and ultimate goals. We work across sectors to apply these services to three areas of focus: technology design, product design and experiences.

Discovery and Challenge Identification

We examine the parameters of the challenge, and the surrounding context within which a better solution can be designed.

We then identify opportunities to create or adapt a particular technology application, product or interaction to meet a challenge.

We provide a close up review and analysis of your current use of technology or products.

We identify if there are ways to enhance a particular user experience or interaction, use of existing technologies or the need to create a new product.

We determine the context through the following methods:

  • Analytics
  • User experience reviews
  • Social research methods such as ethnographic research.

Solutions Building

We apply our strategic thinking and expertise to your particular needs in collaboration with a wide range of individuals within your organization or community. We will help you identify the right change agents and catalysts and bring them together to collaborate on a solution.

We facilitate this collaboration in a face-to-face event where together you will learn, create and do. The “design jam” is customized to the context of the challenge, to fit the level of engagement you seek from participants, and to guide teams through brainstorming while providing the opportunity to build prototypes for identified solutions.

Implementation and Scaling

We help organizations to implement new ideas into their existing work and to scale the project to reach as many users as possible. By knowing the context, solutions and needs of user communities, we develop practices to take these ideas and turn them into reality.


Iteration and Market Readiness

We work with your team to implement the prototypes that are built during the solutions building process or have already been conceived by your team. We create a business strategy that helps you take those prototypes from proof of concept to market readiness.

Policy and Governance

In order to effectively integrate new products and technologies, it is imperative to design effective policies and governance models for both your staff and the end users. We will design policies and community codes of practice that are beneficial to both clients and the end user.

Education and Training

There is often a barrier to adopting new technologies or products. We can design a strategy that will integrate education and training into your project to ensure that each member of your team has the tools to successfully integrate the end result into their workflow.

We know what it takes to deliver a successful product.