Water Voices

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Water Voices

Water Voices is a solutions-­focused project aimed at ensuring every Canadian has access to clean water and sanitation. Water Voices is built on an SMS-based open source mapping platform committed to promoting solutions to ongoing water challenges in Canada, and driving innovative low-cost solutions to improve quality of life. The project is composed of three inter-related components that work together to engage, promote, and improve access to water and sanitation for First Nations communities. Water Voices aims to strengthen political and public will to discuss and intervene on water quality challenges across Canada.

The three components of Water Voices consists of a community engagement tool that works with text messages, e-mail, and the web to generate water stories from community members that can be geo-spatially displayed and shared with government and citizens. The project also houses a comprehensive database of water quality, socio-economic data, and Internet and communication coverage. The final component is an education module that provides water testing kits and curriculum. The water data collected by the students can be similarly uploaded to the web and shared.

In order to bring the vision of Water Voices to life, Water Voices is building partnerships with like-minded organizations as well as funding opportunities from those who wish to be a part of the solution.

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